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Urgent Help Contacts

If someone's life is in danger due to a mental health crisis, please use these contacts for immediate help
What is a mental health crisis?

A mental health crisis is when you feel at breaking point, and you need urgent help. 

You might be:

  • Feeling extremely anxious and having panic attacks or flashbacks
  • Feeling suicidal or self harming
  • Having an episode of hypomania or mania (feeling very high) or psychosis (hearing voices or feeling very paranoid)

You might be dealing with bereavement, addiction, abuse, money issues, relationship breakdown, workplace stress, exam stress or housing problems. You might be managing a mental health diagnosis – or you might not know why you’re feeling this way now.

Planning for a mental health crisis

Nobody plans to be in a crisis, but being able to plan what you can do to help yourself if you start to feel in crisis in the future and what support is available could help. When you feel in crisis it is not easy to think straight or remember what can help.

Please download a safety plan here

Here To Help

No judgement, No pressure

The Samaritans
Whatever you're going through, a Samaritan will face it with you. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Tel: 116 123
Email: [email protected]
Hopeline UK (Papyrus)
Preventing suicide in young people aged under 35

Tel: 0800 068 4141
Text: 07860 039 967
Email: [email protected]

Childline UK
Free, private and confidential support for young people up to the age of 19
Tel: 0800 1111

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