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Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event or toxic stress – it can be acute from a single incident, chronic from repeated and prolonged trauma, or complex with varied and multiple traumatic events. Nobody can ‘treat’ a war, an accident, or abuse for example – what has happened cannot be undone, but what can be dealt with are the imprints of trauma with trauma counselling. These are the feelings of anxiety or depression, fear of losing control, being hypervigilant and alert for danger or rejection, self-loathing, nightmares and flashbacks, feelings of not being fully engaged in the moment, detached or shut down and the inability to be fully open with another person. In an attempt to maintain control and protection, emotional detachment and a ‘cutting off’ of feelings can occur consciously or unconsciously.

Working to re-establish a connection between the body and mind by practicing ways to be calm and focused, staying grounded and present means you can explore protected, hidden, or unwanted parts of yourself.  By learning more about yourself in a safe and contained way, emotional tolerance can be built up while offering greater self-care, understanding, and acceptance. Exploring what’s happening ‘inside’ and being aware of your inner experience allows you to feel your feelings in a safe, calm way and allows you to be all of yourself.



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