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Sport is a dedication, a passion and comes with personal sacrifice. Coping with any change in this focus can be extremely challenging emotionally and ‘just deal with it’ often doesn’t work. Cracks in that immense determination can begin to show when coping with injury, lack of self-belief, life challenges, emotional regulation or retirement. The question ‘what next?’ for many sports professionals is profound. By having emotional support and understanding we can work together to build resilience and work with the changes that are faced.

Sport is not a stand-alone physical activity and requires mental ability and emotional regulation. It is a challenge to manage the mind, body and spirit especially when experiencing continued pressure. For young people working through sporting academies it can be a really tough environment for them and their family – so much desire to deliver and achieve whilst managing the internal and external pressure and trying to be emotionally strong and resilient – quite a lot for a young person!

To become a professional sportsperson takes a lifetime of commitment. But then what happens after you have a life changing injury, or your career comes to end – everything changes.
Through my work on grief and loss I began working with sporting professionals who had experienced a career end through retirement or injury and were dealing with the emotions of loss and change. That loss is felt so deeply as they pondered what to do now they were ‘outside’ of their life. Having the emotional support to work out who they are now sport is not their life focus in the same way it used to be, then allows space to consider what to do next.

My work with young people 13+ in the academy system looks at understanding emotional resilience and continuing to build on self esteem & confidence. By exploring how the mind, body and emotions all fit together in a supportive environment it allows for the growth of the emotional tolerance necessary for continued sporting development. It gives space away from clubs and family to talk about feelings, be supported and assist emotional development. I also support young people (or family) coming out of the academy system which can be hard to process due to sudden change.

My work with adults ranges from emotionally supporting sporting professionals who are currently in their field of sport, to those who have left their profession.

Having this space to explore these feelings can help us to work through and accept where you are now and what can be next.


SPORTS SERVICESIs sports counselling right for me?

Whilst the idea of sports counselling can be daunting and we often feel we should just be ‘dealing’ with things - therapy really is the best quality of self care you can give yourself. Here are 10 good reasons to focus on yourself:
  1. Feel more comfortable getting your needs met
  2. Be able to say no to unwanted requests
  3. Feel less anxious in social situations
  4. Sleep better 
  5. Feel more confident
  6. Stop self harming and other destructive behaviours
  7. Not be haunted by guilt or shame
  8. Be able to understand yourself better
  9. Recognise self-sabotaging behaviours 
  10. Drop coping mechanisms that no longer help
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What is sports counselling?

Counselling is all about the relationship between you and me. It is one of the rare times in life when someone is 100% on your side with no judgement, no hidden agenda, or telling you what to do. I may challenge some ways of thinking and thought patterns to explore at a deeper level, but my focus is always on you and your needs.
Together we can work to help you make the changes you want, to feel more confident, less stressed or angry, be able to communicate clearly and say what you need, feel calmer, in control and more balanced.


Using my 3-step process and listening openly and without judgement, sometimes challenging your views or presenting evidence of another perspective I will help you find your own answers to problems. It’s in the act of really being listened to and experiencing unconditional positive regard that we can start bringing down our barriers and allow ourselves to be vulnerable in a safe place. We can often begin to be kinder to ourselves and have greater self-awareness whilst perhaps letting go of things that have held us back
Chris has a special way of telling a story that draws you in and connects with you on a level that is raw and unfiltered.
Chris is an amazing sports counselor her warmth & openness, mixed with practical down to earth approach really helped me get going again
Amazing kind hearted person that really cares about the client putting them first and foremost.

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