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I believe you have the capacity to adapt and grow – whatever cards you’ve been dealt, and whatever you’ve experienced. As a child, you can learn coping strategies that hold you back as an adult – and are no longer needed. Your childhood could have been difficult, experiencing change or dysfunction, and this has cast a long shadow over who you are today, resulting in stress, anxiety, and discomfort, affecting you and your relationships.

You may hold onto core beliefs about yourself and others based on past experiences which affect your confidence, and self-worth – sabotaging your future. This limits your opportunities & relationships and can cause negative behaviour. The use of drugs, alcohol, risky behaviours, gambling or self-harm can be ways you try to self-soothe and cope with difficult strong feelings – but cause further issues in the long run.

You will experience change in some form as life never stands still. A job loss, a bereavement, a relationship ending, a career change, a new blended family, health issues, a house move, an accident, or a betrayal for example – which can bring grief, uncertainty and make you question yourself. These are difficult situations to face – but you don’t have to do this alone.

By working in a trauma-informed person-centred way (which means I understand how distressing experiences affect us psychologically, physiologically and emotionally and that you lead the counselling session), I offer a safe confidential space with no judgment to explore your thoughts and feelings and make sense of what you are experiencing. I believe you are the expert in you and can find the right way for you, and I will be right beside you as we journey through taking the time to focus on feelings, sometimes gently challenging core beliefs and helping uncover evidence of patterns of thought that may negatively affect your behaviour. We can work together to identify what you want to get out of counselling and any changes you might want to make, setting goals and sharing ‘homework’ if this is wanted and welcomed.

I will listen to you, and I mean really listen to you – not interrupt you, or talk over you or tell you that’s not how you feel or how others have had it worse.

I believe one of the greatest achievements in life is to truly be comfortable in yourself – because without limiting yourself your possibilities become endless.

It is possible to find calm and peace within us.

It is possible to create a different future from our past.

It is possible to live as your true authentic self – with all the confidence and security of knowing and being exactly who you are.

I qualified as a Counsellor in 2010 and work with adults & adolescents (age 13+) to reduce anxiety and stress by improving emotional tolerance, emotional growth and increasing self-care. 

I also love reading, music, dancing (badly) & football (watching) and remain curious about the world around me.

Chris Boobier

My therapy style is open, warm, compassionate, and curious. My approach is a mix of therapeutic modes but always with an overarching person-centred belief that you are the expert in you.

My role is to support, explore and challenge your thoughts and behaviour patterns. Which helps identify strengths and develop a treatment plan to support you in accomplishing your goals.

My experience has been gained from a range of settings including; education, charity, bereavement care, digital mental health, Employee Assistance Programme support (EAP), online counselling for adults, private practice and youth services in addition to a successful corporate role which included career counselling.

I specialise in anxiety, dysfunctional families, relational trauma, trauma & abuse, grief & loss, and accepting change.

  • BSc Hons Psychology & Sociology 1997
  • Diploma in Counselling 2009
  • Advanced Diploma in Child Psychology 2020
  • Online and Telephone Counselling certificate 2020
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) Training 2022
  • Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) 
  • Accredited Member of The National Society of Counselling & Psychotherapy (NCPS)

In addition to my counselling qualifications, I am committed to my ongoing personal and professional development and attend and participate in ongoing training and personal development groups.

Training includes:

Child sexual exploitation, child criminal exploitation (CSE and CCE), sexual abuse, working with self harm and suicidal ideation, adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s),  bereavement & loss, trauma, and eating difficulties.

Favourite quote
Shame dies when stories are told in safe spaces

MY MISSIONFinding Life Balance

Balance is not a destination, but a constant journey. You might feel out of balance from time to time, and that’s okay.

Don’t approach it with a perfectionist mentality, accept the good enough. Expectations make us lose balance. High-wire artists make progress one step at a time. That’s why they don’t fall — they don’t worry about perfect they only focus on moving forward one step at a time.

It takes courage to make change – but remember you don’t have to do it alone.

NCPS Accredited
PNCPS Accredited
BACP Accredited
OTC -Accredited
Counselling Accredited
I felt safe and comfortable with Chris and could talk about things I'd not said before. It's been life changing - thank you.
Thank you so much for your help and support, our time together has been invaluable.
Chris really got me and I felt I could be myself. Feeling accepted and understood has helped reduce anxiety and grow confidence. Things feel possible now.

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