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Anger Management
Anger can be one of the more difficult emotions you experience and is often seen as negative – but it is just another emotion, like joy, sadness, or disgust. Anger is often referred to as a secondary emotion because we tend to resort to anger to protect ourselves or cover up other vulnerable feelings. By exploring feelings beneath the anger emotional tolerance can be built along with emotional containment and changes in behaviour.
Family Difficulties
No two families are the same. Your childhood experiences shape and develop the person you become, what you believe about yourself, your relationships, and what you pass on to your children. By exploring feelings around families and childhood in a supportive safe relationship you can begin to heal by processing any relational trauma, build awareness, self-acceptance, and help develop the person you want to be now.
Anxiety & Stress
Anxiety and stress is part of everyday life, but if you experience too much it can become toxic and tip you into feeling depressed or limit how you live. By exploring the feelings and situations around anxiety, and understanding why you feel anxious you can work towards reducing these stressful feelings and building greater tolerance to them.
Confidence and low self-esteem feelings can come from any area in life. From growing up a young person in today's world, becoming a new parent, getting or losing a job, having an injury, or experiencing ‘imposter syndrome'. By exploring deeper how you feel about yourself and your core beliefs you can challenge the thinking patterns that have affected how you see yourself.
Most of us will experience bereavement, grief or loss in our lives as things change.These are difficult, painful experiences that are overwhelming - but you do not have to experience these alone. By sharing how you are feeling in a safe confidential space it can help with carrying the weight of the loss and allow you to express true feelings without concern for anyone else but yourself, and to focus just on your needs.
Depression can be experienced on many levels and often as a result of anxiety, stress, a loss or an illness. It can be difficult to see things from a different perspective as you feel weighed down by low moods. By exploring your feelings and working together to identify ways you can self-care we can work towards making positive changes in your life.

Counselling For Adults & Young People

In Person Counselling

Face to face counselling available from my comfortable, quiet practice room.  

Play and art therapy materials are available for use.

online conseling

Online Counselling

Online counselling delivered via an individual link.

Can be used on a laptop, tablet, or on your phone. 

Telephone counselling is also available.

Workplace Solutions

Working with organisations to improve overall well-being.


From Individual counselling of staff members to well-being and stress management training.


Delivering training on the effects of trauma, the risks of child criminal & child sexual exploitation,  self-harm & safety planning.

sports person counselling

Sports Professionals

I support sports people from the academy stage up to professional level and retirement. Sport is a dedication, a passion and comes with personal sacrifice. Coping with any change in this focus can be extremely emotionally challenging and ‘just deal with it’ often doesn’t work. Cracks in that immense determination can begin to show when coping with injury, lack of self belief, life challenges, emotional regulation or retirement. The question ‘what next?’ for many sports professionals is profound.
By having emotional support and understanding we can work together to build resilience and work with the changes that are faced.

Young Persons Counselling Aged 13+

Young people experience anxiety and stress differently from adults as they are not fully mature and developed. From school, friendship issues, social media, body image & appearance, neurodiversity - young people are under more pressure than ever, and this is before we even consider any changes in a family or crisis situations that may occur.
By understanding child development, attachment, and how mental health difficulties emerge I can offer emotional support and understanding to young people and positive coping mechanisms to help grow their confidence, self esteem, and resilience.

Anxiety & Stress counselling


Trauma is the experience of something very distressing. What is very distressing will vary for each of us. Trauma can be experienced from a single traumatic event like a car accident or a natural disaster or from reoccurring, prolonged situations such as childhood trauma & neglect, medical trauma, bullying, or emotional, physical & sexual abuse.

Traumatic experiences leave their emotional wounds physically and mentally. You may still feel a response in your body now that relates to your experiences as a child (being triggered) as your body automatically responds to perceived danger. Experiencing fight, flight, flop, fawn or freeze to stay safe. Trauma is felt mentally, physically, and emotionally.

By pacing our work, we can regularly stabilize and regulate your emotions, and work with breathing and grounding techniques - safely working together to reduce overwhelm and increase the emotional tolerance needed to be able to explore all your feelings underneath the automatic trauma response.
Bereavement counselling image

Bereavement Grief & Loss

Most of us will experience bereavement or loss in our lives as things change. This loss can feel devastating, from feeling shock and denial, sadness, anger, anxiety, depression or guilt we can also, and have trouble eating & sleeping, or being able to get out of the house.
This can be difficult, painful and feel overwhelming - but you do not have to experience this alone. I can help by supporting you to explore how you feel in a safe confidential space and allowing your true feelings to be expressed without concern for anyone else.

Career Counselling

Do you feel stuck in your career or are you looking to make a career change?

I previously worked in Corporate Recruitment whilst studying to be a counsellor before making the career change.

I can help by identifying transferable skills, communication style and exploring what seems to be holding your career back.


SERVICESIs counselling right for me?

Whilst the idea of counselling can be daunting and you may often feel you should just be ‘dealing’ with things - therapy really is the best quality of self-care you can give yourself.
Here are 10 good reasons to focus on yourself:
  1. Feel more comfortable getting your needs met
  2. Be able to say no to unwanted requests
  3. Feel less anxious in social situations
  4. Sleep better 
  5. Feel more confident
  6. Stop self harming and other destructive behaviours
  7. Not be haunted by guilt or shame
  8. Be able to understand yourself better
  9. Recognise self-sabotaging behaviours 
  10. Drop coping mechanisms that no longer help

What is counselling?

Counselling is all about the relationship between you and me. It is one of the rare times in life when someone is 100% on your side with no judgement, no hidden agenda, or telling you what to do. I may challenge some ways of thinking and thought patterns to explore at a deeper level, but my focus is always on you and your needs.
Together we can work to help you make the changes you want, to feel more confident, less stressed or angry, be able to communicate clearly and say what you need, feel calmer, in control and more balanced.

By taking this time to focus on your vulnerable, hidden, protected, and sometimes unwanted parts of yourself – (which might not be easy), we are able to affect the internal changes needed to change your outward actions and internal feelings.

By experiencing the ‘core conditions’ in our counselling relationship which are being genuine, emphatic, and offering unconditional positive regard to all the parts that make you who you are – you can develop a deeper understanding and acceptance of your whole self, reducing internal conflict, stress and anxiety.


Using my 3-step process and listening openly and without judgement, sometimes challenging your views or presenting evidence of another perspective I will help you find your own answers to problems. It’s in the act of really being listened to and experiencing unconditional positive regard that we can start bringing down our barriers and allow ourselves to be vulnerable in a safe place. We can often begin to be kinder to ourselves and have greater self-awareness whilst perhaps letting go of things that have held us back

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